Organic Extra – Virgin Olive Oil and Wines D.O.C.

IL GELSO produces and sells certified organic Extra – Virgin Olive Oil and Wines (D.O.C. and I.G.T.).

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The oil is extracted from 440 olive trees cultivated in the farm with no use of any
chemical additive or pesticide. The olives are picked up by hand from the trees when they are perfectly ripe and then they are squeezed in a cold press within 48 hours from the harvest time.

This respects ancient production’s methods and guarantees the quality of the olive oil.

The oil is sold in 750 cl bottles or 5 litre tins.


Our wines named ELISSA, both I.G.T. (Indicazione Geografica Tipica “Colline Frentane”) and D.O.C. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata), result from the vinification of the organic grapes produced in our farm. Piedmontese black vines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Sauvignon white, Trebbiano, Muscat, Malmsey vines are some of the vineyards which extend in our farm over 4.30 hectares.

  1. The vineyards are South faced and do not receive any treatment with pesticides;
  2. the land is naturally fertilised thanks to the green manure of Leguminosae, with no use of chemical products;
  3. the treatments which the vines receive are limited to the use of sulphur and copper;
  4. only a selected portion of grapes reaches the vinification and traditional techniques are used to ferment the moist;
  5. the wine mellows inside oak and chestnut barrels and no chemical additive is used.

In order to obtain a hight-standard product, we produce every year only a limited amount of wine designed to be sold to selected customers both in Italy and abroad.

Our wines have been presented and sold to international clients at organic fairs such as the Biofach in Germany and Sana in Italy. The wines below are now on the market:

  • An organic white wine from Sauvignon grapes, Indicazione Geografica Tipica Colline Frentane I.G.T., alcoholic strenght 12,5%.
  • An organic red wine from Montepulciano grapes Denominazione di Origine Controllata D.O.C., alcoholic strength 12,5%.