Matilde House

The house with the portico
2 Guests 70 mq

Located at the heart of the Il Gelso estate, and surrounded by a large garden and ancient mulberry tree, Matilde House is a new house, designed to match the style of the older buildings on the estate.

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Fiorina House

Farm House at the heart of the Il Gelso
3 guests 90 mq

Located at the heart of the Il Gelso, Fiorina House dates back to the 17th century, and has been carefully restored to enhance the original architecture, using traditional building materials.

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Paola House

modern and confortable
2 guests 50 mq

Casa Paola è un’abitazione realizzata in eco-edilizia e terminata nel 2008. L’ambiente è costituito da un’appartamento su un piano con pavimenti in cotto naturale e infissi in legno.

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